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Cufflinks From Gold

Posted by David James on

Cufflinks From Gold

Cufflinks from gold are less common than all the other colours, including sterling silver and different metals. Golden cufflinks are said to be rather for the day, while silver cufflinks are said to be for the evening or night. These days though, there is much more freedom, and people simply wear what they feel like, instead of caring about rules.

Cufflinks from gold are immediately more formal. Golden cufflinks have to fit the suit and other accessories of one’s attire in general as well. Cufflinks from gold with a silver or platinum watch will for example not go well together. When worn with suitable other accessories, and the right kind of suit, they always create an elegant and stylish appearance.

Examples of sellers of golden cufflinks:

  1. Thomas Pink designer

Thomas Pink, based in London, is a designer selling mainly business apparel, for example shirts and ties for men, general accessories, clothes for women, etc. On his website (!gold and silver) there are two examples of stylish cufflinks from gold. The ‘Gold Knot cufflinks’ and the ‘Bevelled Square Cufflinks’. When deciding to choose gold for cufflinks, one should make sure that they are high quality, and do not look cheap or common. For this reason, it might be better to stay with simpler designs.

  1. Cartier

The designer Cartier, also has a stylish example of cufflinks from gold, namely the ‘Clou de Paris’ pair on his website. Although the design is already less simple due to the inlaid stones, it is still simple enough to be elegant in style.

The Australian company, Cuff and Co, designing cufflinks from old Australian coins, have beautiful products when it comes to for example cufflinks in a golden colour. The gold plated half penny coins, the gold plated two cent coins and the gold plated one cent coins are perfect examples of stylish, elegant and affordable cufflinks in a golden colour. In this case, there is no need to worry about whether it looks cheap or not – these coin cufflinks are of high quality, with not only an excellent visual impression, but also investment value.

At Cuff and Co Australia, there is the possibility to buy a set of four stylish pairs of gold plated cufflinks. Each of these coins have been used as legal tender in the past, therefore each cufflink is unique and original with its own investment value. These coins are all restored, meaning that they all have been cleaned, buffed and polished by hand, to give them back their original shine.

The Australian Sixpence was used during the Commonwealth of Australia, before decimalisation. The Australian Two Cent coin is now a collector’s item, having had the depiction of Queen Elisabeth II on the version introduced in 1966. The Australian Halfpenny was also used during the Commonwealth of Australia prior to decimalisation. The Australian One Cent coin was the lowest denomination of the Australian dollar. With each of these coins having a long history behind them, buying a pair of cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia, will always be a great gift, or investment for oneself, if one should desire.