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Cufflinks in Australia

Posted by David James on

Cufflinks in Australia

A few cufflink businesses in Australia have opened their doors recently – each of them with their own approach and ideas about the designing of their cufflinks. One unique approach in the designing of cufflinks, can be found at Cuff and Co Australia.

Cuff and Co Australia

The motivation behind the founding of Cuff and Co Australia was the idea to show off the heritage of Australia. Someone bought a bag full of Australian half pennies from a local garage sale. This caused nostalgia, as well as the urge to find a new purpose for these coins that served their country well over many years. The idea of transforming these coins into elegant cufflinks for men (and women) then took root, and the business was founded. This original idea contribute to the uniqueness of the product of Cuff and Co Australia. Whereas there are other business in Australia selling elegant cufflinks, they are mostly in traditional style. The coin cufflinks therefore sets this product apart from the rest.

Other businesses selling cufflinks in Australia

  1. Benjamin Cufflinks

The business of Benjamin Cufflinks was founded in 2004 by an Australian businessman, Benjamin. His motivation for starting the business was simple frustration. He was tired of uninteresting and expensive cufflinks in the shops. For this reason, he started with the cufflink collection of his business in Australia, by ordering the best quality cufflinks from abroad. On the website of his business, he encourages men to buy shirts with French cuffs, in order to be able to express their individuality and ‘intelligent side’ through the use of cufflinks.

  1. The Cufflink Club

The Cufflink Club focuses on creative and unusual cufflinks. They of course also have the more traditional style cufflinks for formal occasions. In order to keep costs low for the customer, they offer the choice to the customer to order the cufflinks with a normal black box (for free), or with a nice metallic box, in the case of buying a gift for someone. They declare on their website to offer fast service.

  1. Cuffed – Australia’s Cufflink Specialist

This business offers a variety of unusual cufflinks. They have a big enough variety for one to find something for every occasion, whether it is for oneself, or a gift. Their range consists of the following:

-Classic Collection: This collection includes traditional styles, mostly in silver or gold, with small details, ideal for formal occasions.

-Modern Collection: This collection includes stylish items, with a modern element of colour, Mother of Pearl, Swarowski Crystals or stones.

-Novelty Collection: This series includes less formal cufflinks, for example footballs or guitars.

-Women’s Collection: These cufflinks have a more delicate design with for example crystals or pearls.

-Wedding Collection: These cufflinks are specially designed for the wedding day.

  1. Van Heusen

This company specializes in business apparel in general, not only cufflinks. They are one of the top sellers in the world in this field of fashion. They offer stylish and good quality products, but still affordable. Apart from business suits, casual wear and women’s business wear, they offer also business accessories. These include cufflinks.

Their cufflinks are all high quality, mostly traditional style to suit stylish business attire in general.

To conclude, the world of internet, which makes online transactions possible, solves the issue of Australia not being in the centre of the world. Australian designers of fashion, and specifically cufflinks in this case, are therefore free to go ahead and design, in order to sell online throughout the world.