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Personalised Cuff Links

Posted by David James on

Personalised Cuff Links 

Cuff links are one of the relatively few accepted forms of jewellery for men. One should therefore use the opportunity to express oneself in a subtle way, as well as to differentiate one from the other men at work who all look basically alike in their formal business suits. For this reason, personalised cuff links are the ideal solution. Expression through personalised cuff links There are many different ways to create or choose personalised cuff links. These include for example engraving, choosing school colours, using cuff links with one’s birthstones, choosing cuff links related to one’s hobby, etc. 

Through wearing personalised cuff links, one presents oneself as an individual with a personality – as someone who takes care of small detail and someone who knows where he is going in life. A perfect solution was created by Cuff and Co Australia. They came upon the idea of using old Australian coins and transforming them into elegant cuff links for men (and women). These coin cuff links can also be made according to personal wishes and needs, therefore creating a perfect pair of personalised cuff links. 

Personalised cuff links with birth year 

To create special personalised cuff links with the birth year of the person they are intended for, is a unique idea. The birth year can be presented in different ways through engraving: First of all, on a cuff link with a simple square shape, simply the birth date can be engraved. The engraved birth date can be combined with a two or three word personal message as well. 

One more option of creating personalised cuff links is showed, though not through engraving. One can choose the birth year of the person, surrounded with words that are special or could mean something between you and the receiver. The photo in the website only includes words, but since one is free to decide which words or numbers should be chosen, the year of birth is equally possible. This is rather an alternative style, a bit less formal of course as well. The option created by Cuff and Co for personalised cuff links is unique though.