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Steampunk Cufflinks To Accentuate Your Steampunk Fashion

Posted by David James on

Steampunk Cufflinks To Accentuate Your Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk fashion exists because of a subgenre in science fiction. Books are a blending of science and romance with particular attention to the industrialisation era of Europe. The fashion is based on a post-apcalyptic era where clothing, hairstyles, jewellery and body modifications are essential to the proper fashion. Along with jewellery many steampunk shirts of high fashion require steampunk cufflinks to complete the ensemble.

The Steampunk Movement

History accepts the first novel of Steampunk subgenre was Kevin Jeter's The Morlock Night, written in 1979. Fashion bloomed in the 1980s and grew in popularity during the 1990s right along with Gothic and other punk fashion movements including Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk. Modern fashion has changed only slightly with more personas like valiant explorers, scientists, and gentleman.

Steampunk Cufflinks for Steampunk Gentlemen

Many Steampunk looks are based on the Victorian era of dress for men and women. This was also a time that dressing as gentlemen was a must, which meant adding cufflinks to ensure proper cuff appearance. Steampunk fashion changes the style somewhat to ensure Steampunk cufflinks fit with the overall designer outfit. Steampunk cufflinks must be aesthetic to the designer look. It also needs to fit the industrialisation era of Europe that is mentioned in books like Sir Conan Doyle's Sherlock creation and Charles Dicken's London. It is this era that Steampunk novels follow and give a different history to.

Metal and Devices Ensures Steampunk Cufflinks Fit

Many devices are a part of the costumes such as telescopes, binoculars, aviator devices, leather helmets, canvas coats and much more. For those who wear traditional Victorian shirts with cuffs, Steampunk cufflinks are a must. With proper Steampunk cufflinks it is possible to add to the overall affect. Brass and copper are very popular metals discovered and used during the Victorian and industrialisation eras. Cuff and Co offers Steampunk Cufflinks made from brass and copper coins that are the perfect fit for the Steampunk look.

Choices Available to the Discerning Steampunk Gentleman

Cuff and Co ensures there are plenty of unique and personalised cufflinks to fit any style including Steampunk. There are a couple of sets and individual cufflinks that will be the essence of Steampunk cufflinks for the proper aesthetic appearance one wants to affect.

  • Australian Halfpenny Coin
  • Australian 1 Cent Coin
  • Australian 2 Cent Coin

For Steampunk cufflinks there are at least three sets to choose from. The halfpenny coin is made of bronze with a high percentage of copper. It is unique with the kangaroo on the front of the bronze/copper face of the halfpenny.

Another option is the frill neck lizard 1 or 2 cent coin of bronze/copper finish. The lizard is on the face of the coin and the genuine article. All three Steampunk cufflinks are genuine Australian coins with a 22 mm diameter.

Steampunk cufflinks made out of coins is the perfect fit for your Steampunk designer look. Using metal for money revolutionised the world's monetary system and would most likely be one of the features of this world that would transfer into any Steampunk Sci-fi future.