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Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Posted by David James on

Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Sterling silver cufflinks are more neutral than golden cufflinks. Sterling silver cufflinks can appear very formal and elegant when worn with an elegant outfit or suit. The same sterling silver cufflinks can have a different impression with a different outfit, for example with casual wear. They are therefore much more versatile than cufflinks from gold.

Sterling silver cufflinks are also easier to find, whether online or in shops, and the variety is also much bigger.

Sterling silver versus pure silver

Sterling silver and silver are often thought to be the same thing. To be correct though, sterling silver is only an alloy of silver. Silver, also called pure silver, consists of more or less 99% silver. Sterling silver though consists of about 92,5% silver (or less), while the rest of the percentage is made up of other metals, like copper, iron or steel. The reason for using sterling silver for daily items, including jewellery, is because pure silver is too soft to keep its shape for daily use.

Another difference is that sterling silver is sensitive for air and water and can tarnish easily, whereas pure silver is like gold – unaffected by air or water.

Sterling silver cufflinks designs

Sterling silver cufflinks allow for a huge variety of designs. Whereas golden cufflinks are more restricted, sterling silver can be combined and looks elegant and stylish in most designs, also when combined with stones, such as amber or diamonds.

Sterling silver cufflinks can look very elegant when combined with gold as well. When used in combination, sterling silver and gold makes the combination with other accessories also much easier. These accessories include for example watches, tie pins and rings.

When made from sterling silver, cufflinks can be designed in different shapes easier, especially in the case of more informal designs like footballs, monopoly dogs, etc. With gold cufflinks this is not possible, or rather not good taste.

Cuff and Co Australia

An excellent distributor of cufflinks, including sterling silver cufflinks, is Cuff and Co Australia. They are using old Australian coins, transforming them into elegant cufflinks for men (and women). Since coins are used, it implies that sterling silver is used. Like mentioned before, pure silver would be too soft for items such as coins, that are used every day in commerce. The coin cufflinks of Cuff and Co Australia are therefore either made from bronze or sterling silver and gold or silver plated.

The sterling silver coins used by Cuff and Co Australia, include the Australian Shilling coin, the Australian Sixpence coin, the Sterling Silver Plated Half Penny coin, the Sterling Silver One Cent coin, the Sterling Silver Plated Two Cent coin, and the Australian Sixpence coin.

Sterling silver is therefore always a good choice when it comes to cufflinks for men. They are neutral and can be used with different kinds of attire, being able to adapt to the style of the attire. Anything made from sterling silver - not even to mention the investment value of the coins used – is a good investment.