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The Cufflink

Posted by David James on

The Cufflink

To secure a French button cuff, a cufflink is used. It is also a form of jewellery for men, becoming highly fashionable again and ‘specialized’ regarding the designing style used. The simplest form of a cufflink is a plain, double silk knot with an elastic band in the middle. Today, a cufflink can be made from many different materials. These materials could include stone, glass, leather, precious metals, or normal metal.

The different types of cufflink

The cufflink comes in different shapes, designs, sizes and colours.

The most traditional design of the cufflink is the ‘double-panel’ design, where two disc-shaped parts are connected with a post or small chain. Both surfaces of the discs are then decorated.

Another type is the ‘swivel bar’ type. Here there is only one side with a decorated disc, while the other side consists out of a swivel bar, connected to the disc with a post. The swivel bar can be turned vertically or horizontally, depending if one needs to fasten or loosen the sleeves.

The decoration of both these types of cufflink can be done in a variety of ways. These options can, like mentioned above, include the use of a birthstone, include some form of engraving on real silver or gold, have some connection to a hobby, etc. The Australian Company Cuff and Co came up with a very original idea of designing and decorating the normal cufflink: they transform old Australian coins into cufflinks. These are not only elegant in style, but are original, as well as with historical value.

Like already mentioned, the simplest form of the cufflink isthe plain, double, silk knot. These knots can be plain white, to fit to a formal shirt, or they can be made from bright colours. This style of the cufflink was introduced by a Frenchman, a shirt maker in Paris around 1904. Since then, this style has been quite popular, especially since it is often more affordable than the older traditional styles. Since the popularity of this design, colour-matching silk knots often accompany French cuff shirts when being bought.

When and where to wear a cufflink?

The cufflink can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles. It can be worn with simple casualwear, business suits, with informal styles, till very exclusive and ‘dressy’ styles, such as semi-formal and formal wear. In all these cases, the coin cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia will be suitable.

In the case of formal wear, the cufflink is essential, especially since it might have to match the white shirt studs. Although there are many designs that might be chosen for different outfits and styles at free will, a few unwritten rules apply to for example formal wear, where white, pearl cufflinks preferably have to be worn with white tie occasions.

The cufflink is the ideal way for a man to express his individuality in an elegant and stylish way. Whereas women always strive to look different from each other at all occasions, men have quite simple and strict rules regarding attire at work and evening events for example. They therefore should use this small opportunity to individualize themselves while still staying within the general rules for men’s attire.