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The Evolution Of Mens Cufflinks

Posted by David James on

The Evolution Of Mens Cufflinks

In one form or another, cufflinks have existed since the 1600s. It was not until the 18the century that cuffs became a decorative part of men's shirts requiring jewellery in the form of men's cufflinks to be added to the dapper appearance. Shirt like clothing existed as far back as 5,000 BC; however, by the 1700s the tunic became more of a shirt with frills, embroidery and ruffs on the wrist cuffs. Ribbons used to be used for the collars, but men started wanting more than ribbons or a connected pair of buttons. This is why men's cufflinks evolved to be decorative delights in the 19th century. At this time the aristocracy was set on splendour with a specific conventional wardrobe for during the day and at meals. The modern men's cufflink the world has today began extremely popular.

Types of Mens Cufflinks

Cufflinks are made to be unique, novelty, and simply to delight the men wearing them. There are special categories with various designs that continue to amaze men who still wear these ornamental jewels. The industrial revolution ensured mass-production of early cufflinks could occur. The silk covered buttons changed to metal, with various shapes. Coloured cufflinks with gemstones that was an indication of wealth became extremely popular as men's cufflinks in the 19th century. However, it was the Prince of Wales that upped the anti on men's cufflinks. Popularisation of Faberge cufflinks at the end of the 1800s occurred. This latest change ensured cufflinks became fashion accessories well into the newest century.

The 1900s Mens Cufflinks

The 1920s was another corner turned for men's cufflinks. More colour and material was used including gemstones, less precious stones, and even glass for cheaper cufflinks ensuring that all men could wear a design they loved. Intricate enamel, geometric patterns, and Coco Chanel designs entered the market. Despite the peak in wearing cufflinks, the change in shirt designs also meant no cufflinks would be needed. Men's cufflinks became an evening only option with only certain groups of men such as those in CEO positions wearing them at work. Certain industries cultivated wearing special fashion accessories like the music industry.

Today and New Options

Those who enjoy the aristocracy as well as enjoying the more dapper appearance are still very interested in men's cufflinks. With plenty of variations available men can continue to enjoy a gentleman appearance. With the evolution of men's cufflinks has brought about new options. Australian men who desire the best look with an appropriate appearance for special occasions, daily wear, or evening dinners there are now coin cufflinks made out of antique coins.

Antique coins are the perfect way to add a distinctive style to men's wear for an evening out. Whether it is the shilling, half penny, cent, or two cent coin from the mid 1900s or any other year they make perfect additions to men's fashion. Coins are made from precious metals including bronze, copper, and silver. Gold platted cufflinks are available as well for those who want a brighter flash.