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Unique Cufflinks

Posted by David James on

Unique Cufflinks

Unique cufflinks are cufflinks not necessarily designed within the mainstream-fashion requirements. Unique cufflinks can include basically everything, except the normal, traditional style. Today, there is already a variety of unique cufflinks on the market. The term ‘unique’ could be quite broad though. It could be something in elegant style, it could be meant for wear with more informal clothes, it could mean something in the direction of alternative style, and many more possibilities.

Cuff and Co Australia

The cufflinks being designed and sold by Cuff and Co Australia, is definitely part of the ‘unique’ collection of cufflinks on the market today.

Cuff and Co Australia was founded after a bag full of old Australian Halfpennies was bought at a local garage store – this led to a feeling of nostalgia, and the decision was made to find a new purpose for these coins that served their country well long ago, and for such a long time as well. The idea of transforming them into elegant cufflinks for men and women, was the beginning of the business Cuff and Co Australia.

The idea of using the coins in such a way is really original. Each coin has its own story and therefore history behind it, as such responsible for the investment value of these items. Though not in use anymore, the coins used by Cuff and Co Australia for cufflinks, were all used as legal tender in the past. Each of these coins are also restored professionally – cleaned, buffed and polished by hand, in order to bring back their shine from the past. Apart from the restoring which is done, each coin is also covered with an electro-coating, to help keep the shine of the restored coin for a longer time.

On the website of Cuff and Co Australia, the exact information about each type of coin is given. This includes a short general history of the time during which the coin was produced, the material of which the coin is made, the diameter and the weight of the coin.

Ability of the unique cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia to adapt to different styles

These unique cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia are adaptable to basically any outfit. In contrast to this, the normal and traditional style of cufflink is usually less easily used for different kinds of outfits and attires. Gold plated cufflinks for example could be quite formal, while sterling silver cufflinks of certain designs, whether with inlaid stones or not, are as well less easily adaptable to different styles for different occasions.

Other unique cufflinks include for example designer items on the market. These designer items are usually more expensive and of course less versatile. Unique cufflinks could also include for example cufflinks that are homemade, or in a way ‘self-designed’ as is possible on some websites. Although this could be fun to make oneself, the potential wearer might appreciate something unique with style as well. In this case, the unique cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia is the perfect gift!