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Wedding Cufflinks

Posted by David James on

Wedding Cufflinks

Wedding cufflinks are something special and one cannot and would not like to buy it at any store selling something glittery. Cufflinks for one’s wedding could be engraved, it could be something completely individual (requesting personalized online cufflinks makes anything possible these days), or it can be simply something stylish and elegant that one would normally wear to suit evening wear.

Some online businesses focus only on wedding cufflinks, while others have them included as part of their overall product variety.

An example of an online company focusing only on wedding cufflinks, could be found at .

This business, called Wedding Cufflinks UK, have a big variety, all suitable for wedding wear. These cufflinks are also not only meant for the groom, but there are suitable cufflinks for the whole family involved, including the best man, the father of the bride, etc. A few of the options are (all for wedding purposes):

-Contemporary cufflinks

-Crystal decorated cufflinks

-Laser etched edge cufflinks

-Cut out words cufflinks

-Oval shape wedding cufflinks

-Rectangle wedding cufflinks

-Personalized wedding cufflinks

-Round wedding cufflinks

-Engravable cufflinks, etc.

Another website with examples of wedding cufflinks, is . Here are several examples of engraved cufflinks, or cufflinks with letters or words underneath a glass cover. It is thus obvious that grooms are not necessarily forced to stay within the mainstream formal rules when it comes to cufflinks for weddings anymore. Letting a pair of cufflinks be personalized or customized, can contribute as well in a unique way to make the day special. With the words ‘I love you’ one the one cufflink and ‘forever and always’ on the other, or ‘I’ on the one cufflink and ‘do’ on the other cufflink, certainly is more special than a plain formal flat unimaginative pair of cufflinks.

An original, unique solution to wedding cufflinks, is the cufflink business in Australia, Cuff and Co. They came upon the idea to use old Australian coins and transform them into elegant cufflinks. Their variety of coin cufflinks includes many different products. For the groom, several of their beautifully crafted cufflink pairs would be suitable. The style is elegant, and it will be possible to use these cufflinks again at later formal events – not like a few of the website examples above that can only be used on the wedding day. To keep in mind as well, is the fact that these cufflinks are an investment as well – due to their historical origin.

Wedding cufflinks could therefore not only be used to make the day more special for the bride and groom, but to involve the close family as well in a personal and special way. Cufflinks can therefore be given by the bride and groom as a small gift to say thank you for the men involved at the wedding, and to help them remember the day together with the wedding pair. The coin cufflinks from Cuff and Co Australia would be a perfect solution.